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About Devin

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Devin Crutcher’s love for music runs deep.  He is a singer/songwriter who can be seen expressing his artistry through classic Soul and R&B covers throughout the city.  His shows are like no other as he brings his own vibe and individualism to every performance.  Memphis, celebrated as a music-rich city that has produced many talented artists, embraces Devin with open arms. 


Devin, known for his covers delivered even more when he released his first full individual project called “Welcome to D.C.” in 2014.  This album is a compilation of R&B and Neo Soul, with a touch of hip hop.  He takes you through a musical journey that includes the heart felt "Wounded", as well as the up-tempo "Touch", and "Living Better".  It’s no secret how hard he works. In 2021, Devin was featured on Ishmusic’s single, “Come Alive” that can be listened to on most streaming outlets.  He also became a member of the legendary Soul group the Bar-Kays! Devin continues to exhibit his passion and drive with his new single, "Pedestal", released on November 4th available on all major streaming outlets.

Style, grace, professional artist, sexy crooner, talented writer, and a businessman that remains humble and guided by his faith are only some of the ways to describe him.  His talent is recognized and admired by industry greats and millions of us saw and followed his dedication early on Sean Combs, Making the Band 4.  He also has been honored to open for Floetry, Will Downing, Angela Winbush, Lenny Williams, Chante Moore, Fantasia, Jamie Foxx, and Kem to name a few. Whether Devin is singing an acoustic set or using his full band; he will give you 150%. 

Devin accredits his love for music to the many influences in his life.  These influences include Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, Johnny Taylor, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, James Brown and the beautiful Bettye Crutcher. Devin lights up when he speaks about Bettye. She is not only Devin's grandmother, but a talented singer/songwriter who contributed to many great hits out of Memphis' own Stax Records.  

Devin Crutcher continues to work hard; you can see him on any given week performing in Memphis as well as traveling throughout the country as a solo performer and as a member of the Bar-Kays. His passport is well stamped as he has left his musical presence in many countries. We can't wait to see and hear more from him!

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