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Meet Devin

Born and bred in the heart of Memphis, TN, Devin Crutcher’s musical journey reflects his deep-rooted passion for soulful expression. As a singer/songwriter, he graces stages across the city, infusing classic Soul and R&B covers with his own unique style and flair. With each performance, Devin brings a captivating vibe, showcasing his individualism and magnetic presence.


His dedication to his craft was further highlighted in 2021 with his feature on Ishmusic’s single “Come Alive,” and  “ Pedestal “ both are available on major streaming platforms. Additionally, Devin joined the esteemed Soul group, the Bar-Kays, solidifying his place among music legends.


Renowned for his style, grace, and undeniable talent, Devin seamlessly transitions from smooth crooner to dynamic performer. His impressive resume includes opening for acclaimed artists such as Jamie Foxx, Fantasia, and Kem, and many more while also earning recognition on Sean Combs’ “Making the Band 4.” Drawing inspiration from musical icons like Stevie Wonder, Al Green, and his grandmother, Bettye Crutcher, a celebrated songwriter from Stax Records, Devin continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide.


Whether serenading with an acoustic set or commanding the stage with his full band, Devin’s commitment to excellence shines through, delivering unforgettable performances that exceed expectations. From local venues in Memphis to international stages, his musical journey knows no bounds. With each note, Devin Crutcher continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of music, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating what’s next from this exceptional talent.

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